Sturgill Simpson's Cuttin Grass Is EXACTLY What It Should Be And That's A Breath of Freshly Cut Grass Air

Earlier this week I blogged about Sturgill's Simpson's new album. Well, it came out today and I cannot wait to fucker around in my shop and act like Im working but in reality Im just drinkin a few Colorado Koolaides and listening to this album on repeat. Perfect. His voice is just perfect for bluegrass. 

Sometimes folks like Sturgill, because they are so talented, will start trying to mix in different types of pitches. They throw some off-speed stuff, some sweeping curves, some cutting sliders, but they should just throw the number 1 straight up your dick and that's exactly what Sturgill did here. He threw it so hard up my dick that my penis looks like one of those big ass snakes with a deer inside it. Gross but strangely accurate, right?

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