Steelers Linebacker Vince Williams Drops The Perfect Line About The Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph Incident

Beautiful. Absolutely perfect. I love Vince Williams. 

He's a perfect Steeler through and through, but he's also rather entertaining. 

The above PUN is Wes Welker "feet" level from a few years back. It's perfectly placed and timed while also being light-hearted. It's just his way of acknowledging without acknowledging. 

No lies detected there, either. That's what they have to do. His choice of words just so happens to be exactly what happened to a teammate last November. 

The Steelers are so screwed if God forbid Garrett takes out Big Ben this weekend, though. Can you imagine? Rudolph having to come back in to face Garrett and the Browns of all teams? It would be a shitshow for the Steelers but it would make for great TV even though Garrett said he wants the air to be cleared with him and Rudolph before the season started. 

This weekend could be the tale of the tape for that to happen. But hopefully not. I'd expect a ton, I mean a TON of screens, crossing routes and bubble routes especially early from Big Ben and the Steelers offense to try to offset any chance Garrett can use his freakish athletic abilities to somehow ruin the 2020 Steelers campaign. 

Keep Ben upright, and smack the next opponent over the head to stay in first place.