Pardon My Take Gets Mike Florio to Talk About His Entire Fantasy Team Without Him Knowing It

To send you into another football weekend, Pardon My Take welcomed on longtime recurring guest Mike Florio to the show. The man behind Pro Football Talk discussed Week 6, surprise performances around the league, the Coronavirus situation, and much more. Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter also dug deep to trick Florio into talking about his fantasy team via a list of buy or sell questions. Here is how that went down: 

Mr. Cat: Alright last one, buy or sell in the WR/RB flex position, Justin Jefferson. 

Mike Florio: Don't give me this WR/RB flex position, I know where you're going. 

Mr. Cat: Why?

Mike Florio: I know, listen. Come on. 

Mr. Cat: What are you talking about?

Mr. Commenter: We actually have him. 

Mike Florio: Even though you haven't had me on the show for a while, I still remember what you typically try to do. I'm not commenting on anyone in the receiver flex position.

Mr. Cat: Wait, we try to get you to talk about your fantasy team? Like we just went down your entire roster. 

Mike Florio: You didn't go down my entire roster.

Mr. Commenter: Yeah we did. 

Mr. Cat: Kyler Murray, Jonathan Taylor, James Robinson, Odell Beckham, D.K. Metcalf, Jimmy Graham, Justin Jefferson, Butker, Rams D. On your bench you have Herbert, McCaffrey, McKinnon, and McLaurin. 

Mike Florio: Wait a minute, how do you have that information?

Mr. Commenter: We got sources, Mike. 

Mr. Cat: 5-0, Mike! You're buying your whole team, I can't believe it. 

Mr. Commenter: That was funny, every player that we said, Mike was a hard buy on, and it's because he's invested in them.

Mr. Cat: You didn't think I was going to get smarter, Mike? I had to get smarter.

Mike Florio: I didn't mention that I had Robinson on my fantasy team. 

Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter: Nobody cares about your fantasy team!

Mike Florio: I was tiptoeing through the minefield. Now I need to know...

Mr. Cat: The call is coming from within the barn, Mike.

Mike Florio: Yeah, my kid. Really? You get my kid working against me? 

Mr. Cat: Of course we did! Come on. 

Mike Florio: Well done.

Mr. Cat: That's beautiful, how else was I going to get you?

Mike Florio: He's got a hell of a poker face, too. Because I talked to him right before I came down here and he let out nothing.  

Mr. Cat: We just got you to talk about every player on your fantasy team without you realizing it. 

Mike Florio: And you know what, you wasted 20 minutes of your podcast to do it.

Mr. Cat: Noooo, that was the best 20 minutes spent.

An A+ troll job by Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter. At this point, Florio knows he can talk about literally ANYTHING on the show, except for his fantasy team. I can only imagine what his son had to say after Florio realized he was the key piece to this plan working out effectively.