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Jordan Spieth With The Most Relatable Quote Ever: 'Normally You're On A Trip To Vegas And Not In The Right Frame Of Mind To Be Remembering All The Holes At Shadow Creek'

The PGA Tour is out in Vegas this week, which gives us the best quote I've seen from Jordan Spieth. Hell, it's not even the best quote, it's the most relatable quote. Anyone that has been to Vegas or even gone on a golf trip knows this feeling. You get a little banged up, go play 18, go back the next day and wonder when the hell did 7 get a dogleg to the left? But you're talking Vegas as a rich person here. That's a whole different animal. 

I actually wish this was sort of the norm for golf. There's a reason we all love the US Open when conditions are unreal. We like to see carnage. We like to see guys who shoot like -15 for a tournament, struggle to break par like he's me and you playing Saturday at 8am and getting pissed about chunking a chip before blading the next one. Not only that, but we know some of these dudes can throw down, including Spieth: 

We get a couple different events a year with like the Zurich being a team event, Stableford scoring, etc. Give us one where everyone has to play while drinking. Make it Shadow Creek because, you know, Vegas. I want to see these dudes play like me and you but be awesome at it. Why not? We get events every week, just make one unique and keep mixing it up. Imagine Rickie, Justin Thomas and Spieth tearing up Vegas and then going and playing Shadow Creek at 7am the next day. Need it to happen more often.