CDC Is Now Saying That Beer League Hockey Is A Super Spreader Of Covid-19

“The indoor space and close contact between players during a hockey game increase infection risk for players and create potential for a superspreader event, especially with ongoing community COVID-19 transmission,” the CDC wrote in the report.

The CDC believes the team with the index patient had more infected players because they were sharing the same dressing room and bench during the game.

The CDC also says the situation could have been worse, given each team had fewer players than a typical team and there was just one spectator.

“The ice rink provides a venue that is likely well suited to COVID-19 transmission as an indoor environment where deep breathing occurs, and persons are in close proximity to one another,” the CDC report states.

This is absolutely horrible news. Covid-19 knows no limits. There are no safe spaces and apparently that includes the hockey rink. Hockey players are disgusting. Everyone knows that. The gear stinks. The locker rooms stink. Those places are ALWAYS infested with viruses, most of the time they're STDs and staff, but now the CDC says that the ice rink is going to be a hot spot for the virus. No more beers with the boys. 

This is the first time Covid-19 has really impacted me personally. Erika Nardini was in Chicago this week and she gave me some truly horrible news...the Barstool Pond Hockey Tournament is coming back in 2021. That is a problem. 

I appreciated Erika giving me like 5 months of notice. Five whole months to maybe find a treadmill and a beer league team to play on. And by play on I mean sign up and play in the games that start before 10pm. That wouldn't "fix" me, but it'd be better than skating once a year in August and then heading out to play in front of the entire internet. Now...that is apparently off the table. There is NO chance Lori Lightfoot let's Johnnie's open up and I will NOT be driving to the suburbs. There is going to be nothing but pain for your boy in the Barstool Pond Hockey Tournament 2021. Not my fault either. This fucking virus is going to prevent me from shaking the rust off and getting in shape. Last year I had nobody to blame but myself (and my skates and the ice and my teammates and Sean Avery) this year it is all the virus's fault. Fuck Covid