12 Years Ago Today, Matt Stairs RIPS One Into The Night

Great call. Greater man. Greatest Moment. Goosebumps every damn time for any warm blooded Phillies fan. This was one of those moments that will never fade away. It was the first time most of us realized not only getting to the World Series, but a World Fucking Championship was a realistic possibility. And I'll at least never forget it. Man do I miss playoff baseball in this town. Granted, most of us grew up with the notion of October ball as a pipedream (with exception of the glorious juiced up year of 1993), but still. Need that feeling back again, especially after the Phillies just completed their 9th(!!!) straight season without a winning record.  That's cute.

Bonus Phillies NLCS nostalgia with Jimmy Rollins doing the damn thing in 2009 vs. the Dodgers. JIMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!