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The Post-Game Handshake Between LeBron And Matthew Delladova Was Whiter Than Wonder Bread



God damn it, white people.  God damn it.  Look cool for us one time.  This is the NBA Finals we’re talking about here.  This isn’t a corporate meet-and-greet to talk about stocks and bonds.  If you’re a white guy and on an NBA basketball team, you gotta have a sick post-game handshake.  It’s as simple as that.  Break the barrier. Force the issue.  Make your voice be heard in that locker room about handshakes.  Delladova should’ve held team meetings about what him and LeBron were gonna do if they beat the Warriors in OT of Game 2.  Just be prepared. That clip above is what happens when you’re not prepared.  LeBron and James Jones?  Prepared.  Their handshake was fantastic.  Quick, easy and looks great on camera.  And then here comes White Guy Gritty Hard-Hat-And-Lunch-Pale Delladova. Simply puts out his hand like a loser.  Such a bad look.