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Good Morning America With The A+ Monday Morning Tweet To Really Boost Your Spirits

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 9.30.14 AM


RT! RT! RT! Nothing like stumbling upon your dead father on a Monday morning. Who didn’t do that? Thanks for the pick-me-up, Good Morning America! Really just what I needed to get my week going. After a weekend of no sleep, I need to cancel my debit card, and I’m trying to finish this blog so I can get over to Chickfila and order 4 chicken biscuits, the thought of finding my father dead in a ditch really hit the spot. Just what I needed to really pop this Monday’s pussy.


UPDATE: Between the time it took me to start this blog and finish this blog the tweet was deleted. Hilarious. Would not put it past people to demand an apology. It’s hilarious that they’d use a young lion cub finding his dead father as a Monday morning metaphor, but it’s really not that far off. Except most of us feel more like Mufasa than Simba. Just run over by 4,000 wildebeests and unable to move.


PS: RT if this was you this morning!

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