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The King Has Returned: Sturgill Simpson Releases A Greatest Hits Album That's All Bluegrass

Good morning, folks. It's not quite 7am here in Chicago and I've been listening to this album for the last hour and a half and it is everything Sturgill disciples could ever want. He has that one lyric in Water In A Well that goes "try to tell your friends, I used to know him when..." well I think that is how a lot of people felt when Sound&Fury came out. I liked Sound&Fury, but if that were my first Sturgill Simpson experience I am not sure I would running around telling people he's the greatest musician of this time. "Cutting Grass" is the Sturgill I know. This album is spectacular. I know every track and every track was still a pleasant surprise. There's something inherently soothing about the bluegrass style and Sturgill hit it out of the park. Same lyrics, new notes. 20 tracks. I do wish that Oh Sarah and The Promise found their way on this album, but I can wait for Volume II.