This Celebration Continues To Prove That LeBron Is Most Cringeworthy And Least Self-Aware Person In The History Of The World

Nah, LeBron isn't hilarious. If he had any bit of self-awareness, then he could be funny. But he's not. If he owned that he is cringeworthy, lies about shit all the time, flops and just admitted he wants to be loved instead of this act he does, then sure, this could be funny. But LeBron isn't any of those things. He's the most talented basketball player in the world, who also is the most cringeworthy and least self-aware person in the history of civilization. He cries about how wanting respect and then will talk about how he doesn't care what people think about him. 

Now answers as to why the Larry O'Brien trophy cheated on him:

1. He doesn't respect people that bounce team to team to team chasing trophies 

2. LeBron was good enough to get his team to the Finals 9 outta 10 years, but not good enough to beat the Warriors more than once

3. Kevin Durant did shit like this 

4. It's a trophy and can't make decisions 

I'll say it in every blog about LeBron. He's easily one of the two greatest players to ever play the game of basketball. He's easily the most annoying person to ever play the game of basketball. If he would just be self-aware and stop all this cringeworthy bullshit people would talk about him the way he wants people to talk about him.