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Several Clippers Were Apparently Pissed That Kawhi Leonard Was Allowed To Take Games Off

I'm sorry what? Talk about a lack of self awareness. I must have missed all that success the Beverley/Harrell/Williams Clippers had before Kawhi's arrival. There was that one time they lost in the first round. That was certainly an achievement. When you factor in that they didn't even make the playoffs the year before, that's not so bad! You could understand why maybe they would feel a little entitled and then get upset once Kawhi got star treatment. What had he ever done? Won a title and Finals MVP? 

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Imagine getting mad that the Clippers allowed Kawhi to load manage. It's almost as if those three were living on another planet these last few years. He did it in San Antonio, he just won a ring because of how he managed things in Toronto, of course it was going to continue in LA. Guess what, it's going to happen next year too. You know why? Kawhi Leonard is the franchise. Surprisingly, that is not true of Patrick Beverley, Montrezl Harrell or Lou Williams. Do they not remember the entire Uncle Dennis situation? If they are this upset about taking some games off and living in San Diego, nobody tell them what else Kawhi really got. Sitting games probably wasn't even discussed because everyone with a brain knows it's a forgone conclusion. 

You want to get mad about Playoff P getting special treatment, be my guest. He hasn't won shit. It's literally the exact opposite with Kawhi. When you accomplish what he's done on the floor, you'd get the same treatment. Patrick Beverley isn't mad at Kawhi for getting to live with a different set of rules, he's mad he doesn't the same shit because he isn't as good. 

Now with Ty Lue in charge of things, it'll be fascinating to see what this roster looks like next season. Harrell sounds like he wasn't exactly happy with things and he's currently a free agent. Lou Williams is in the last year of his deal, maybe he's traded as an expiring. We just saw how a lack of chemistry was a big factor in the demise of this year's Clippers, it doesn't exactly sound like that's going to get better anytime soon.