It's Time To Finally Bring Back The Best Trophy In All Of College Football: The Beer Barrel

It's Tennessee/Kentucky week so let me be very clear. Fuck Rocky Top. Fuck Tennessee. Fuck Peyton Manning's forehead and even fuck that little stretch where Duggs was in Knoxville. That shade of orange sucks. But more importantly, we need to talk about bringing back a trophy. Not just a trophy, the best trophy in all of college football.

The beer barrel. 

This is a rivalry that's about to play for the 116th time. I can't find the record of the series, so we'll just call it 50/50. No other reason at all. But none of it matters right now because we don't have the beer barrel trophy - a tradition that stopped in 1999 because in 1998 two Kentucky football players were involved in an alcohol-related car crash. Totally get stopping it for a couple years, even rename it. Just call it the barrel. 

But it's time. It's time to bring back this beauty. Look at it. What's cooler than a blue, white and orange beer barrel? Nothing. Just gotta color that blue a little darker now to match the Kentucky shade. I don't know what this lighter blue is. I mean shit, we're at the point now where the SEC actually allows alcohol sales in the stadiums. We can bring back a beer barrel trophy. One of the reasons college football is awesome is the tradition. There are a million different trophies for rivalry games. The fight songs, all that shit. Bring back the best one. 

Bring back the beer barrel.