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Ron Artest Celebrated The Lakers Winning The Title By Partying The Whole Day And Smoking 10 Blunts Because 'He Deserved It'

[Source] - “I was just home and sparked a blunt,” Metta Sandiford-Artest told USA TODAY Sports. “I was partying the whole day by myself with two or three close friends. We sparked — I don’t even know — maybe 10 blunts. We had a great time. I deserved it. The Lakers won. It was crazy. It felt like I won.”

I mean, yeah, this sounds right. There's not one thing in this quote I'm nodding my head at going like yeah that's shocking. Ron Artest deserved to party and smoke 10 blunts with a couple buddies because the Lakers won the title. He was an important piece in the last title, so clearly he gets credit for this one too. Lakers culture or some bullshit like that. 

But really this is just Ron Artest being one of the most interesting dudes in the world. Excuse me, not Ron Artest. Metta Sandiford-Artest, who took his wife's name recently. To think Ron Artest, the catalyst for the Malice at the Palace, went to Metta World Peace to Panda Friend to taking his wife's last name. That's a man that you want in the foxhole with you, because I sure as shit don't want to be on the opposite end of a punch

At the same time I can't think of many people I'd want to sit down and split a blunt with than Artest. Just kicking it with him, laid back, ask him shit about his playing days. You know he'd be 100% honest. Plus all that rage from the Pacers days is long gone. You get a mellowed out Artest? That dude has to have so many stories. That, and then just convince him that he won another title with the Lakers like he did to himself.