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Le'Veon Bell Is Taking His Talents To Kansas City

I can't even focus on the story right now. How livid is Adam Schefter that he wasn't able to tweet this news because The Blue Bird is down? I wouldn't be surprised if Ian Rapoport crashed the entire site just because he's currently suspended and didn't want to get scooped on this one. That's how cut throat the scoop game is, I wouldn't put it past him. Schefter breaking news on Instagram had to feel like batting with your opposite hand. Just completely unnatural and unholy all at once. 

As for this news, well, fuck. Is this how you've felt for the last 20 years? A player doesn't work out on a team, you know it's that team's fault, they get released, and - for the last two decades - they've walked right to New England for free. Now they go to Kansas City? If this is how you've felt for the last score, that's extremely fucked up. I don't much care for it. Truth be told I liked things a whole helluva lot better when my team was the one benefitting from all this. Now the Chiefs offense gets to play Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Le'Veon Bell simultaneously. I can't wait to see what Andy Reid starts cooking up with the both of them on the field together. Defensive coordinators league wide just got an hour of sleep shaved off their nightly schedules because of this.