Bill Murray is Rumored To Host SNL For The First Time in 15 Years

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MTV - Some would say that turning 40 puts you over the hill, but the reported selection of hosts to kick off the first three episodes of the 40th season of “Saturday Night Live” would suggest that if they are over any hill, it is a hill of awesomeness. Splitsider reported that Bill Murray, Sarah Silverman and Chris Pratt will host the first three episodes of the legendary sketch show. One caveat, though: NBC hasn’t officially announced the lineup, but sharp-eyed Splitsider caught that multiple local NBC affiliates posted the news Tuesday night (September 9) and then quickly deleted the articles. The articles also contained the accompanying musical guests: Ariana Grande, Maroon 5 and Hozier. If the list is correct, it’s awesome news. Murray was on “SNL” for three seasons from 1977 to 1980, joining the cast following Chevy Chase’s departure. Murray has hosted “SNL” five times, but here’s the thing: the last time he hosted was in February of 1999. Fifteen years! Fif. Teen. Years. 15! Years! Murray hasn’t hosted this millennium. It’s time to see him back.


Bill Fuckin’ Murray! It’s a tragic crime he hasn’t been back in 15 years. Love or hate SNL, they have launched the careers of some of the funniest people to ever walk the Earth. Rock, Farley, Sandler, Myers, the list can go on and on and I don’t have the time. The thing I love most about Bill Murray is he’s an enigma. He’s always spotted out drunk, doing random things like taking tickets at a game for no reason…and then he’ll get a best acting nomination for Lost in Translation. He is a wild card’s wild card. Remember when he showed up in Zombieland and stole the show? He’s just the best. The thing about him though, is it’s his wild cardness and popping out of the woodwork every 3 years that make him what he is. Like Creed on The Office- would have one line an episode and it would steal the show. When he started having more, he lost all the luster that made Creed so great. So as much as we’d like to see Bill Murray more, it’s for the best that we don’t.