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Ty Lue Just Got Hired To Be The Clippers New Coach, Which Makes This Quote From Doc Rivers So Goddamn Funny

Not exactly a surprise that Ty Lue got promoted to be the Clippers new coach. He won a title in Cleveland coaching LeBron, Kyrie and Love. He's well-respected by the Clippers players, which we know is half the battle. Again, if he could coach that group, he should be able to get through to Kawhi and try to get Paul George to at least be average in the playoffs. I know how hard that sounds. 

But really it makes this quote by Doc Rivers even funnier: 

Not even two months ago! Good news is he was right. He wanted Lue to get another head coaching job, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say he wasn't cheering for him to take Doc's job. Just a crazy thought, I know. Think about where the Clippers were on September 2 to now too, that in itself is a bit crazy. 

They were getting ready for their series against the Nuggets, as a relatively heavy favorite to win that series. Things were great. They got through the Mavericks despite Luka going full Luka. And then Doc blew ANOTHER 3-1 lead. Paul George was hitting the side of the backboard on corner threes. Shit, even after it was said Doc wasn't going anywhere. 

Then fast forward to September 28: 

And now Lue is being hired. Arguably cooler? Chauncey Billups is the head assistant coach under him. That's a pretty good backcourt too if you ask me. Either way, I can't wait for next year's playoffs to make fun of Paul George again. Playoff P. What a stupid nickname.