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The RnR faithful have wanted a way to win money FOR YEARS and now it's finally fucking here. 5 fights, 10 questions, 1 goddamn goal... LEAVING RNR 12 AS A $25K CHAMPION.

Even if you don't go 10/10 for the ultimate prize there's still $1,000 up for grabs GUARANTEED so there's really no reason to try here. And it's gonna be a helluva build up next Friday night with these 5 fights closing out the night. 

We'll have a full matchup breakdown coming tomorrow but until then here's the sparknotes: 

-TRAILER PARK has been stabbed multiple times, fought EVERYONE in Fayetteville, won at RnR 9

-I EAT ASS is 2-0, is a possible #1 contender, loves CHD, and eats ass 24/7

-SHIZZAT THE RIZZAT has our #1 KO ever, went all 3 rounds with NIGHTY NIGHT, is fighting for his fallen friend David Gainer

-BACKFLIP NINJA has our #1 athletic move ever, also survived 3 rounds with NIGHTY NIGHT, is fighting for Trump 2020

-JOCKEY GEENA rides 1200 lb beasts daily, works out in a ninja warrior gym, loves manipulating anyone in her path

-BAD ASH hails from the hills of West Virginia, says she's always ready to fight, and has "never been manipulated in her life"

-SMIDGE THE DOORMAN is a 2x champion, former wrestler, current bouncer, fighting to MAKE DWARVES GREAT AGAIN

-FLYIN' RYAN is a pro wrestler, friend of Smidge's opponent who lost at RnR 11, fighting to prevent a 3rd term from Smidge

-NIGHTY NIGHT is our current Middleweight AND greatest champion ever, 5-0 with 5 KOs, Army Vet, always puts "dicks in the dirt"

-LIGHTS OUT is our current Heavyweight champ, beat our previous greatest at RnR 11, "toughest fighter on the South Shore of MA"

To put it blunty, next Friday night is gonna be a slobberknocker of a chaotic adrenaline-filled fuckfest. Between these 5 matchups, the RED vs BLUE fights, our 1st ever LIVE VOTE ring girl contest, and the other surprises we have in store there's NO reason to miss this PPV. 

Dave Portnoy, Dan Katz, Robbie Fox, Adam "Rone" Ferrone, Caleb "Caleb" Pressley will all be there as our #1 commentary team, and it could be YOU they announce as the $25,000 winner after the final fight. All you have to do is CLICK HERE TO PLAY BARSTOOL

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