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Why Sleep If You Still Wake Up Tired

These doctors and shit man. We trust strangers more than someone I actually know. All of these people just have the mental capacity to go to school longer and might be smarter. Regardless Doctors are telling us to sleep for 8 hours or more unless your Glenny Balls 16 hours is way too long to be up for a day. I live my life thinking about these facts even though I can't sleep because I start thinking about sleeping. Its a damn cycle, I lay down and start thinking about what my brain and body are doing to shut down for the night and by the time I get to my feet its 3 am. If you didn't understand that I do it when I take advil as well. Once I swallow it I try and imagine the particles breaking and these little parts of the pill hitting the parts of my brain that hurt and takes the pain away. If you don't do that its just a crock of shit and you're still going to have a headache. So back to my original point, If i get a goodnight sleep I should not wake up with crusty eyes and walk around like a tired shmo all day. I also think its all a mental game of just telling yourself you're not that tired figure it out. Like when its cold, I always just pretend I'm by palm trees so i feel warm. Life is a game inside your brain. I play over under games everyday on my way to work and if you keep that thing thinking about fun stuff like that you wont have many bad days. 

I couldn't even tell you what i wrote here but lets figure out why were till tired after sleeping.