This 290-Pound High School QB Will Break Your Ankles and Sling It All Over the Yard

There aren't many 290-pound, three-star defensive tackles who moonlight as Lamar Jackson on the offensive side of the ball. But there is Howard Brown out of Lincoln Prep in Kansas City, Missouri.

Brown is committed to Iowa State as 247Sports' No. 39 defensive tackle in the country. But because high school football is the best, he gets to play quarterback, too. And as you can see from the video, he will either run around you or over you, depending on how he feels in the moment.

And he doesn't just come in for a Wildcat package, either. He slings the damn ball.

This kid is my hero. It's the dream of every big boy across the country to get something drawn up on Senior Night where you get to touch the ball just once after four years of work. And Brown is out here every week playing quarterback and destroying every secondary in the greater Kansas City area.

And he's going to be a Power Five defensive tackle. Obviously tons of high school kids play against four- and five-star guys every week, but a 290-pound quarterback with the ability to beat you with his arm or legs seems like about the worst possible matchup a high school defensive coordinator can go up against.

Give me all the Howard Brown highlights.