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Jared Goff's Girlfriend Auditions For The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition By Posting A Video Of Herself In A Bikini To Her IG

Source - Jared Goff's girlfriend Christen Harper is trying to take her modeling career to the next level by auditioning for the S.I. Swimsuit Edition ... and yeah, HIRE HER!!

Harper has been a model/actress for a while -- but she's been on a mission to follow the Camille Kostek blueprint to success.

Of course, Gronk's girlfriend -- a former New England Patriots cheerleader -- got a massive career boost when S.I. selected her for the Swimsuit Edition back in 2018. Her career is on fire!

Enter Harper, who's been dating L.A. Rams QB Jared Goff for a while -- and it's clear she thinks she could be the next big S.I. breakout star.

The Video:

Call me crazy...but I think it might work. Why? Because all Sports Illustrated would have to do is pull photos from her Instagram and put them in the magazine. Look at this...






What more do they want? A test shoot? She's already done the work for them. She even gave her story in the video so they don't even need to interview her…

From TMZ:

"I am SO excited to finally go after one of my wildest dreams," Harper said.

"[S.I. Swimsuit] has meant so much more than a magazine to me, it gave me the confidence to embrace who I am and ultimately chase my dreams."

Harper says multiple agencies told her she wouldn't be successful unless she could "just lose a few inches off my waist and that I wouldn’t be taken seriously outside of L.A. because of the size of my chest."

But "instead of shrinking myself down into an unrealistic standard for my own body, I chose to have faith that I was enough."

There's nothing Sports Illustrated loves more than someone who's had to 'struggle' to make it in the industry. Body positivity is in. Well done, Christen. You check all the boxes. I'm sure SI is getting ready to cut the check right now. There's no way they can't.