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Nobody Has Ever Literally Dropped The Mitts Harder Than Zack Kassian Did Here

Holy shit. A young Zack Kassian going to battle for the Peterborough Petes. Drops the mitts at the blueline so violently that I'm pretty certain they ended up below the goal line. You always hear coaches telling their players to get pucks deep, Kassian just went with the mitts instead. 

Shoutout to whoever was taking care of the ice in Peterborough back from 2007-10. The fact that sheet of ice didn't have cracks running all across the neutral zone is a modern day miracle. According to, Kassian dropped the gloves 9 times at Peterborough Memorial Centre. If any of the other 8 of his fights had at least a quarter of the force of that mitt snap, that ice would be royally fucked. Just a testament to the work of Zamboni operators everywhere. 

But yeah. Savage snap there. You see a guy throw down his gloves that hard right before a fight, the only thing you can hope for is that he threw out his shoulder in the process. Because if not, your skull is about to get caved in so hard you'll be able to eat a bowl of cereal out of it. Lunatic.