We Should All Be as Confident as Johan Camargo Pimping a Foul Ball Down 12-0

It was a rough night for the Atlanta Braves, who suffered a 15-3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 3 of the NLCS to put L.A. right back in the series. But someone forgot to tell Johan Camargo that things were going poorly, because he couldn't have been doing better.

In a 12-0 game in the second inning, Camargo hit a ball probably 400+ feet and let Dodgers starter Julio Urias know he got all of it, regardless of what the score was. Just one problem: it was a foul ball. And as is the general rule when somebody hits a foul home run, this at-bat ended in a strikeout.

But does Camargo look like he cares at all whether that ball landed to the left or right of some arbitrary yellow pole? Hell no. He destroyed it, which was the only prerequisite in his mind to pimp that foul ball like he just hit a walk-off.

And he didn't just drop the bat while admiring his work. He takes four steps much more in the direction of the first base dugout than the base path. It would have taken him 45 seconds to get around the bases if that thing was fair.

This is the confidence level we should all have. Whenever I'm feeling a little down, I'm just going to remind myself to keep that Johan Camargo Pimping a Foul Ball Down 12-0 Energy, because that is how we should all live our lives.