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Fuck It, Bring Rajon Rondo Home

Now before you yell at me, I understand what this move was. Rondo was making the league minimum with the Lakers, OF COURSE he was going to opt out. Most likely so he can sign a new deal to stay in LA and play with Lebron, only for like at least double what he makes now. I get that. 


Let me dream. I don't ask for a lot, so allow me this. Let my brain think there is some universe where after securing his second ring that Rajon Rondo would want to come back to where it all started before he rides off into the sunset and directly into the HOF. I know he and Brad hated each other way back when, but things are different now. Both are in different stages of their career. There is no denying that the Celtics have a need at backup point guard. It wouldn't shock me if they move on from Brad Wanamaker and honestly Rondo is the better player. Tremont and Carsen aren't ready for that role yet. Rondo gives this team exactly what it needs. A veteran leader who has won a title and will be respected. Someone you can make a spot start with if Kemba's knee flares up. Plus I just really want to see him wear his #9 in green and white again so I can further bury the memory of watching him in the purple and gold. 

Not only that, but Rondo shoots threes now! There also isn't the worry about him being picked on defensively. He's the perfect fit. Sure part of my line of thinking has a heavy dose of recency bias mixed in, but I'm a sucker for players who show up in big playoff moments, what can I say. I think this team could use that right about now. 

I know it won't happen. I know he's going to stay in LA and probably win another title with LeBron and it makes me sick. It's time to come back home Rajon. Let's make it happen.