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Kanye West Was So Impressed By Joaquin Buckley's INSANE Spinning Kick KO That He Released A Song To Go Along With It

This is certainly an unexpected "drop" from Kanye, and much like most of his recent work - it hits the ears like a good ol' spinning heel kick to the face!

Other than those Obi-Wan high ground bars, of course....

Those slapped. More of that, Kanye.

Don't get me wrong, a newcomer in the UFC getting this sort've attention is AMAZING for the sport, and Joaquin Buckley deserves all the love and praise in the world after this phenomenal finish - but this song is just not good. I don't know if it was actually "theme music" written for Buckley or just a throwaway demo he had lying around that he thought would really fit this finish, but as I said in another blog yesterday….I just miss the old Kanye. 

That Kanye probably wouldn't have laid the line:

"I don't need to strike back/I let God fight my battles"

…over THIS clip…

God ain't fightin that one, Ye! That's all Buckley. Not sure the big man gets in the cage all that often.

Still, however - what a KO.

Here's a palette cleanser: