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HBO Releases Trailer For The West Wing Reunion Show Set To Air Tonight

'We are sincerely just asking people to vote. And that´s what When We All Vote is. Yes, one of its founders is Michelle Obama. But it is a nonpartisan organization," Sorkin said. 

'At no point during this special will you hear the words "Joe Biden," "Donald Trump," "Democrat" or "Republican,"' Sorkin added.

Executive producer Casey Patterson added, 'there are no villains' in the special, which is meant to inspire an increase in voting across the board.

Seeing President Bartlett warmed my shriveled up little disenchanted and disillusioned heart. Brings me back to a time when politicians, even though they were fiction, stood for something and had some civility. Jed Bartlet seems like the ideal President. Not really what he believes, per se, but just a measured, dignified, and responsible person. A man with principle. It's great to see him on screen again. Looking old as fuck but at least he never succumbed to his illness. I don't have HBOMAX(at least I don't think I do. Someone in the comments let me know if I get it automatically through having HBO on comcast), but I am excited to see this cast back together again.

I will however say that I am so sick and tired of people telling me to vote. Like...I know. You know. All of America knows we are in an election year. The election is the same day every two years. This isn't a surprise. It's the first Tuesday in November. I don't understand why there is this ENORMOUS push to vote this year. It feels different. Can't log on to literally any app without it telling you to vote. Can't even watch a cheese ball reunion show from 25 years ago without being reminded of when the election is. Enough already. This is the exception though. I love this cast. I want to go back to simpler times when we could just watch a show, enjoy it, and not be at each other's throats having a woke-off. I want to just relax and enjoy a President who had a sense of morality.