After All The Talk About Elisha Cuthbert Scenes Yesterday, Let's Kick Off Today With An Eliza Dushku Scene

I remember there being some confusion between Elisha Cuthbert and Eliza Dushku back in the glorious time known as the early 2000s because their first names were somewhat similar. Maybe that was just the case because I am a fucking moron and my brain stinks. But ever since I blogged Elisha Cuthbert's god awful awful scene with the cougar from Season 2 of 24, Eliza Dushku has been on my mind. So we are blogging the first scene of hers that popped into my head. Shout out to the nerd from Road Trip for parlaying his scene stealing role from that classic to a leading role in "The New Guy", which I have admittedly seen maybe 20 total minutes of in my entire life but this scene is about as good as it gets and the perfect way to get things moving.

Bring it on, Thursday!

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