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Is This The #1 Amateur Knockout Of ALL-TIME?

HARD TO SAY NO, and if you wanna fucking argue about it then tweet us @RoughNRowdy and send us the goods. But until then bow to your goddamn sensai and acknowledge the humble unrelenting power of SHIZZAT THE RIZZAT

He has 1 of the most distinguished resumes in RnR history along with the highlights to prove it and although he may not be undefeated, he ALWAYS brings his best in our ring.

Also not only survived a match against NIGHTY NIGHT with his head intact but now this RED vs BLUE matchup vs THE BACKFLIP NINJA means it's gonna be fireworks GUARANTEED.

This is also 1 of our 5 fights to pick on the Play Barstool app for a FREE chance at winning $25,000. So tune in to the RED vs BLUE PPV for a few quick KOs, some free money, all while the chaos unfolds LIVE. Gonna be a fucking great night