Remember Last Year When the Braves Gave Up the Most Runs Ever in a Postseason Inning? Yeah, They Just Did That Again

Well that top of the first was just about the least fun I've ever had watching Braves Postseason baseball. Luckily though, I was well-prepared for this, given the fact the most runs in a Postseason inning prior to this was courtesy of the Braves in the 2019 NLDS — in an elimination game, no less.

So if you think this is painful, you don't know what pain is, brother. At least this time it comes in a series where we already have a 2-0 lead. I had a good feeling there really wasn't any way we were going to go up 3-0 on the Dodgers, but I certainly wish they wouldn't have broken out like this. That is potentially series-altering momentum.

Maybe we'll just make this a thing every year. Regardless of how far we advance in the Postseason, we'll just have a first inning where we let the other team go buck wild. So one of next year's hopefully four Postseason opponents will get a 12-run first. Let's just keep re-setting the record.

I can't believe there are eight more innings in this baseball game. It is not fun to watch.