The Bachelorette Returning Is A Reminder That Survivor Needs To Figure It Out ASAP

While millions across America rejoiced as The Bachelorette returned to the airwaves, others felt devastation. While Trent cried tears of joy when Chris Harrison came on screen, I cried tears of sorrow thinking about how I won't see Jeff Probst back on screen for another year. I have never felt such jealousy in my life. 

The moment Bachelor fans got to experience last night will pale in comparison to what us Survivor fans experience when our show returns to TV. We know from Inside Survivor that the show is likely to return to its normal shooting schedule, meaning Seasons 41 and 42 will shoot from April-July 2021 in Fiji (pandemic depending). Assuming that means they're following the same airing schedule, Survivor won't be back on TV until September 2021. 11 months from now. It'll be 16 months since the last new episode of Survivor where Tony was crowned our GOAT. 

The fact that The Bachelorette was able to figure out a way to shoot and Survivor couldn't is just heartbreaking. I understand it's different because they shoot domestically and international travel is a disaster right now, but it's still just such a kick in the dick. There's way more people on a season of The Bachelorette. Plus they're touching and hugging and kissing each other all season. We don't have to worry about that on Survivor unless you end up with a Rob and Amber situation. 

I've wrote before about how Survivor should try filming domestically, but Jeff Probst seems to be against that idea. And quarantining the crew of hundreds and shipping them off to a country where COVID essentially is non-existent just doesn't seem feasible. So it seems like we're stuck without Survivor for the foreseeable future. 

I tried to give The Bachelorette a shot last night, but it's just not the same. Nobody made alliances. There was no strategy. Nobody even bothered searching for a hidden immunity idol. A bunch of people just trying to find love or some shit. Boring. 

Back to rewatching a Survivor season from 12 years ago.