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The Taco Bell In Wicker Park Is Set To Serve Booze And Be Wildly Overrated

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(Source) What wine pairs best with a quesarito? You’ll be able to find out for yourself this summer. Taco Bell has confirmed earlier reports that the soon-to-open Wicker Park location, at 1439 N. Milwaukee Ave., will serve beer, wine and boozy “freezes,” according to a spokesperson for the brand.  Don’t get any ideas about to-go cups, though. Alcoholic drinks will be served to eat-in customers only, in a different cup than virgin drinks so employees know if anyone is trying to sneak one out the door.

The new location is also getting a serious makeover compared to its Taco Bell brethren. The interior, similar to designs launched at Taco Bells in Tokyo, Seoul and the U.K. that also serve alcohol, will feature exposed brick walls, murals, communal tables with wooden stools and pops of accent colors such as bright purple and teal.

No word yet on the hours alcohol will be served, but fingers crossed for a Sunday morning mimosa-biscuit taco special.




Not trying to be a buzzkill here but does anyone else not see how this makes zero sense? This is one of those things that gets a ton of publicity, oh wow look at that Taco Bell, you can buy BEER there! And the tables don’t look like Aids, is that a painting of some poor Mexican lady making a tortilla on the wall??? I wonder if that’s Mrs Taco Bell? OMG, take all of our money!!! But then when you actually think about it, and think about when you will actually go and drink at a Taco Bell it all makes no sense. No one goes to Taco Bell for real food, they go because they are very very drunk or very very hungover. Where in those two scenarios does drinking a 9 dollar Corona make sense? And you know the hours will be awful too. They’ll have to stop serving booze at 10 pm and basically every drunk person that shows up looking to drink after 2 am will be pissed. Unless this is a late night bar/Taco Bell like a Beaumonts or Burton Place it won’t work. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it’s the truth. People will go because of the novelty but if you are asking me to give my full endorsement I can’t do it. Give me a Taco Bell that serves beer and liquor and food until 4 am and I’m in, otherwise I’ll eat my Mexican food at real Mexican place and drink my beer at a Bar.





If Taco Bell was really smart they would serve booze at the Wrigleyville location until 5 am and set up a film crew. Tell me you wouldn’t watch that show.