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Mark Cuban Thinking It's Cool We're Getting Closer To Real Terminators Is The Craziest And Scariest Statement In This Asinine Year

[PMT] - “What’s really cool to think about is when do we get the real Terminators? Because we’re getting closer and closer. You’ve got processing speeds in chips that keep going up and up and up, you’ve got 5G and going to 6G so you’ll be able to communicate with these robots that are out there. The two missing pieces are manual dexterity, they can’t really use their fingers yet on robots and batteries- size and life.” On the future of technology

I'm not going sit here and pretend to understand 5G and 6G and how many G's we need to get to Terminator status, because I'm too busy freaking the fuck out man. You see the words 'real Terminators,' you freak the hell out. If you act any other way, you are a certified crazy person. Then again, I've seen Mark lose his shit on Shark Tank, so crazy might be accurate 

I'll tell you what though. This quote is the quote that's kicking my ass to get back in shape. Working out 2x a day now. Staying sharp mentally, all that stuff. I can't be the weak one when these Terminators come for us. I need to be able to outrun my idiot friends when they turn on us, because buddy, robots are turning on us. I've seen way too many movies and TV shows to know how this turns out. Robots can stay away from me. I'm not scared of aliens, I think I can bond with them. Teach them a thing or two about hoops and just bond having a drink and watching a game. Robots? They'll steal my drink and then beat me up. Remember this thing in Japan? 

Now give that thing some manual dexterity and a battery? Terrifying. Also, how big of a battery size do we need here? That's the one saving grace for me based on the two things missing from a real Terminator according to Cubes. As a father (credit to me for having sex successfully once), I've seen all sorts of batteries for toys my kid never plays with. There are roughly 427 different battery sizes. I don't know how we create the 428th to fit a terminator. That's helping me from completely freaking out. 

Consider me OUT on real Terminators.