Life Imitating Art: McNulty From "The Wire" Aka Dominic West, Caught Having Real Life "Affair" With Co-Star Lily James

Daily Mail - Lily James and married actor Dominic West surprised onlookers when they were pictured passionately kissing while dining al fresco during a romantic break in Rome on Sunday. 

The actor, 50, and the Mamma Mia! star, 31, didn't seem to mind who saw them as they cuddled up to one another and shared a ride on an electric scooter while taking in the sights, tenderly touching throughout the day.  

Dominic is best known for playing Noah Solloway in Showtime drama, The Affair, which explores the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship between his character and a younger woman who catches his eye, named Alison Bailey (Ruth Wilson). 

In real life, the actor has been married to Irish landscape designer and aristocrat Catherine FitzGerald since 2010 - no split has been publicly announced, so his relationship status with Lily remains unclear, but he was not wearing his wedding ring.

Ok. Where to begin here?

First off, McNulty is a first ballot HOF television character. So it's really hard for me to be impartial. 

Just such a guy's guy. Loyola to a fault. Worked hard, played hard. Willing to look the other way to get the job done. Risked his life on a daily basis for the scummy people of Baltimore, MD who didn't deserve him or his fictitious co-workers. 

Truth be told I've never watched a single second of "The Affair" and don't care to. 

You know when really twisted and fucked up horror movies come out, like "The Strangers" that serve no real purpose other than to give fucked up emo kids crazy ideas and you ask "why would somebody make this movie just to give people ideas?"

Well that's how I feel about shows like "The Affair".

Why glamorize shit that just hurts everybody in the end?

But back to Dominic West here (who by the way I had no idea was British which makes his McNulty character depiction even more impressive).

Buddy what are you doing?

You take a part on a television series where you play a guy with a wife and four kids, whose wandering eye strays and ends up having a fling with some hot little twenty-something vixen.

When in real life you are married, have four kids at home, and start filming a new streaming series with a hot twenty-something vixen. 

Be better dude. 

Set yourself up for success.

This had disaster written all over it from the start. 

Was this little fling really worth it?

A source told MailOnline that Dominic and Lily spent two nights in a suite at the top Hotel De La Ville with a panoramic view over the whole city and just at two minutes walk from the Spanish steps. 

They only left the hotel for a few hours riding an electric scooter around the Spanish Steps and Piazza di Pietra.For lunch they joined their friend and mutual manager Angharad Wood at a downtown restaurant.

Arite…well, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Ever. 

And when you have four kids especially. Don't be a dirtbag McNulty.

Either let your wife know things aren't working out and breakup civilly, or be the man your kids think you are. Not rocket science.

And if you are gonna stay married, stay as far away as possible from chicks like this. 


As my man Billy Joel once said, girls like this will carelessly cut you and laugh while you're bleeding. 

(btw- not familiar with her work either but this girl is bad)

 So do the right thing Jimmy/Dominic. We can't lose more good guys this year.

This has been this week's Dante's relationship advice. For last week's segment check out -

--- UPDATE --- 

They declared "their marriage is strong".

Yah right buddy. Enjoy the dog house for eternity.