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This US Senator Burying The Houston Astros And Calling Them "Miserable Cheaters" Should Be Baseball's Next Commissioner

*this is not a political blog, this is about a senator raining hellfire down on the Astros from absolutely nowhere*


Often I think about how I'd be as a person in the political sphere. What would I talk about during this hearings? Well I would do exactly what Nebraska Senator Sasse did here and out of nowhere bring up the Houston Astros cheating scandal. I would do everything in my power to have those guys tried in front of the Supreme Court for their crimes. I'd bring up my team getting jobbed by a horrible call the night before. Try to pass laws that could improve the Yankees, Packers, and Knicks title chances immensely. I'd try to remove James Dolan as the owner of the Knicks on a daily basis. Allow you to accumulate off-days from work if your team performed exceptionally well. You know, important matters that people actually care about. Senator Sasse from Nebraska is a real one and has his own objectives to follow. Now I don't know his policies AT ALL, but if you cater to my Astros hate then I'll certainly give you a listen 100 times out of 100. 

From what I gather he attempted to tie this into the Astros facing elimination tonight and possibly asking the umpires to give them favorable calls, alluding to how that would be unfair. That analogy was likely tied to something related to the hearings. He likely could have made his point without speaking of Houston, but any chance you have to drive the knife further into their chest you have to take it. If Manfred refuses to do it, it's up to us. I'm sure he's getting shit on for this out of left field take, but I'll personally never criticize someone going out of their way to further bury those scumbags and calling them miserable cheaters. This guy gets it. 

Folks, I think we found baseball's next commissioner: Senator Ben Sasse. Hit the road Rob.