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Brian Cashman Addresses The Rumors That Aaron Boone Serves as a Puppet For The Yankees Front Office

Today both Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone addressed the media to close out the 2020 season. There were quite a few interesting things brought up, but the biggest issue pressed on the two was the decision making that happens on a daily basis within the organization. For a while there has been this assumption that Aaron Boone has zero power in terms of the lineup, rotation, or even in-game situations, rendering him a puppet of the front office. Cashman came out to today and completely denied that, even bringing up the word 'puppet' specifically. This guy has burners all over Yankees twitter, I'm sure of it. 

Here is what is likely happening. Is Boone a puppet? Not exactly, but he's far from a real boy. The analytical team comes up with their best options for lineups, pitching matchups, bullpen moves, etc. Cashman signs off on the report and sends it downstairs. It's then presented to Boone before every game. He's encouraged to follow this plan, but has the power to make his own calls. If he goes on his own though, it's his ass. I feel like this is how it goes for most MLB teams that have embraced analytics. It's a collaborative effort that eventually ends with the manager's discretion. If you ask me I'd bet Boone almost always follows the nerds' report. So yes, he's a puppet pretty much. 

I grown to not like Boone, but it really doesn't have to do with his managerial choices considering the above paragraph. It's what he says to the media. Here's a great example. This quote right here. I wanted to drive my head through a fucking window hearing him say this.

SHUT THE FUCK UP! The Yankees went as far in the playoffs as the Marlins did this year. It's embarrassing as shit. After coming within a game of the World Series back in 2017 the Yankees have taken a step back. I get it that the team is loaded with talent, but don't tell me they're really close when they're in fact not. That's just bullshit I refuse to accept. I thought he was about to say "we're about to turn the corner" for a second and I was going to play America's favorite game "Drink whatever is under the sink." Jesus Christ, man. Just be honest and say the season was a failure. It's not hard. 

One other tidbit from the presser: While Hal and Boone stood by Gary as they addressed the media the last few days, Cashman spoke honestly and did not rule out a change of some kind next season. He easily could have followed suit with the other two in saying Gary is their guy going into 2021. He did not. You can tell he's on his last nerve with Gary, and rightfully so. 

Just something to monitor. I don't expect them to go out and sign JT Realmuto based on the contract he's gonna demand, but when the Yankees head to Tampa next February I expect Gary to have to fight for his job. Maybe that'll help bring back the monster that once was. Maybe it'll solidify they have to move on from in. We shall see.