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The A7FL, A Tackle Football League Where They Don't Wear Pads Or Helmets, Is Downright Insane

For a while now there's been people wondering if taking helmets out of football would solve the concussion issue, arguing that people would lead with their heads less, and after watching that quick clip I think I can definitively say that a lack of helmets would not save the brain of football players. This isn't like rugby where you're watching guys drop perfect form tackles, these are dudes chucking bodies with RECKLESS abandon. I saw about 4 Brian Dawkins tackles in that quick clip and my GOD will someone tell these people to keep their head on a swivel when they're in pursuit? You see like one or two of those big blocks in a full NFL season, there were 2000 in that video.

Mind you, they're not the greatest athletes in the world. This WR looks like Kelvin Benjamin ate Kelvin Benjamin and the QB has an arm like me. 

But boy, do they hit each other.