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Bill Plaschke Apparently Thinks Inventing The Laker Girls Is A Bigger Deal Than Anything The Boston Celtics Have Ever Done In The History Of Their Franchise

Without a doubt, one of the worst parts of seeing the Lakers win the championship is how the rest of us have had to deal with all the insufferable takes that come as a result of it. There's the LeBron fanboys going off about how he's better than Jordan, there's the whole 12 LA titles actually being 17 thing, and for the most part it has been what you would expect from any fanbase that just won a championship. We all just have to sit back and take it. That's how this works.

But I'm sorry, Bill Plaschke here takes the cake. What an outrageous, and I mean outrageous statement to make in his column. 

I get it, he's an LA writer who is obviously pandering to the LA fan. It tells you everything you need to know that even after winning this title, all people in LA can think about is the Boston Celtics. And just to make sure you understand the full context, here's the entire blurb from that piece

The Lakers’ greatness is about more than statistics, it’s about culture. Behind the vision of longtime owner Jerry Buss, the Lakers changed the image of the league, transforming the games into the entertainment events that have sent the NBA’s popularity soaring.

The Lakers created basketball as theatre with Showtime. They popularized dance teams with the Laker Girls. They generated the role of the celebrity fan with Jack Nicholson. Thanks to legendary announcer Chick Hearn, they even concocted the term “slam dunk.”

What did the Celtics ever invent? Parquet?

I'm sorry, but when it came to saving the NBA, it wasn't just the Lakers. There was also this dude named Larry Bird. He seemed pretty important in bringing the league's popularity to new heights. But this blog isn't about that part. While it's certainly impressive that the Lakers created cheerleaders and the term "slam dunk", Plaschke is trying to imply that the Celtics haven't invented anything other than a type of court floor (which is the best court in the entire NBA by the way. Not debatable.)

That's odd because, ya know, history exists. So what did the Celtics invent? Oh I dunno….

- The first NBA team to hire an African American head coach in Bill Russell in 1966

- The first NBA team to draft an African American player in Chuck Cooper in 1950

- The first NBA team to start an all black starting lineup in 1963

- Winning. That's right. The Celtics invented winning. Nobody did more of it. 

- The Finals MVP. It's called the Bill Russell award. Because the man won 11 titles. Did he play for the Lakers?

the list goes on and on. You get the idea.

But just so I have this straight, according to Bill Plaschke, inventing cheerleaders > helping break the color barrier. His words, not mine. Who cares if that changed the league forever, have you seen the Laker Girls? Can you imagine a world where we wouldn't use the term "slam dunk"? 

I mean this take is so comically bad. Lakers fans are so desperate to try and prop their franchise over the Celtics they will even go to lengths like this. The thing is, he's 1000000% serious too. How do you write that type of column and just ignore such huge moments in NBA/sports history? All to try and make the Lakers look better? 

How embarrassing.

Like I said. This is what happens when the Lakers win the title. You get idiotic takes like this. There's no stopping them, there will be more to follow, but holy shit be more insecure. Cheerleaders and the term slam dunk. He really said that.