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Sturgill Simpson Is About To Release A Bluegrass Album With The Greatest Cover Art of All Time

God damn, what an album cover. If that doesn’t make you wanna grab your cowboy hat, your headphones that Bose sent you for NFL draft coverage, and a couple of Colorado kool aides, so that you can mow your lawn the way god intended, I’m not sure what will.

As those of you who like liquor cabinet music know, I’m not a HUGE sturgill fan. I’m more of a Tyler Childers, Colter Wall, and Pony Bradshaw guy but I think this could be Sturgill’s best album yet. When he forays into deeper southern rock, I can do with or without it. His draw, diction, and song-writing ability pair well with blue grass. Normally I’d regale you with a wine pairing example here but I have neither the time nor a tickling note to suggest other than the tickling notes of Sturgill’s Martin D-28. The twang in his voice will match that of the twang in a steel guitar, banjo, or that same Martin D-28 when tuned to drop D. 

Here’s a little sample. Enjoy!