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Jay Williams Put Out Perhaps The Worst Trade Idea My Eyes Have Ever Seen

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One of the things you just have to accept as an NBA fan is that once the season is over and you log onto Twitter, you are going to see a plethora of terrible trades. Fan bases that are upset will throw weird shit out there, some of it will be trolling and well other times you have people that are actually serious. Usually they are nobodies on Twitter. But here comes Jay Williams. What a tweet. What a trade. Something so bad I've never wanted a trade to happen more in my life. Think of what he is suggesting here. The Sixers, a team in turmoil with no direction and a roster filled with flaws, should trade arguably their best player for:

ANDREW WIGGINS and a #2 pick in a draft where there is no franchise altering talent.

And he's serious! This is a man that gets paid to go on TV and talk about basketball! I don't think it's a stretch so say this is the worst trade idea anyone on the internet has ever concocted. The Sixers, who are loaded with two of the worst contracts in the NBA, are going to get over the hump by….adding another horrific contract? For a player that doesn't even make them remotely better? For a team that desperately needs consistent shooting, everyone knows the answer is Andrew Wiggins' career 33% from deep. He's had a total of one (1) season over 34%. Does that scream like a guy you give up one of the most dominant players in the East (when healthy) for? I know Elton Brand has no goddamn idea how to run this team or build this roster, but I don't even think he would be dumb enough to even entertain this idea. 

I'm also not even sure GS would even want Embiid. That sounds weird to say because of how dominant Embiid can be, but like, the man is never in shape. He's going to thrive in that fast paced offense? The one who avoids traditional post play like the plague and prefers to play small? As we know, when Embiid doesn't touch the ball he checks out, well how does he even fit to what the Warriors do? This isn't like Andrew Bogut who was a traditional big and was effective. You never needed to give him the ball. That would not be the case with Embiid. If they want a big, just keep the pick and take James Wiseman or something. 

But seriously, at a time where everyone is throwing out absolutely awful trade ideas on Twitter, this one has to take the cake. To think Jay Williams was serious when he sent that Tweet is what makes it so good. He wasn't even trolling! I'm not sure this one will be topped, and I say that as someone who has his mentions filled everyday with horrible trade ideas. Well done Jay.