I'm ALL FOR This New Trend Of College Hoops Coaches Tweeting Out Weird Videos Calling Out Their Rivals To Make A Game Happen

We're in weird times, no doubt about it. Trying to figure out college hoops schedules this year is nearly impossible. Games are limited, there is concern about getting screwed contractually of home-and-homes where one team doesn't have fans and a year later fans are back in attendance. But it's also given us a gift. The gift of coaches putting out videos on Twitter calling out rivals, which is something we need more of. 

It started with Chris Mack and Louisville/Kentucky

Then Cal responded with this hidden message in a sped up video

And now we have Cincinnati's head coach John Brannen putting his video out regarding the Crosstown Shootout. I'll say this. This rivalry is AWESOME. These schools legit hate each other. They are 3 miles away, the city is firmly red or blue. You can't just kinda like one of the programs. You have to pick a side. Hell, arguably the moment the country knows most about the rivalry is a massive brawl 

Frankly, I want every coach in a non-conference rivalry to start doing this shit. Force everyone's hands and rile up the fanbases. We need it with practices starting today. Let's get Kansas/Missouri on the horn. Just start calling out each other and providing true hate, something that's needed in sports. I don't even care if it's stupid. Just play the game as it's supposed to be played. Nobody predicted a pandemic so it's not like you can sit here and try to change everything around. Everyone is playing the same way. 

PS: If Xavier actually accepted 2 Crosstown Shootout's in the same year, this city would burn. Especially if each team won once. The city wouldn't be able to handle it. It can barely handle one game a year. Two? That's crazy talk. 

PPS: If Xavier won both those games, it would be expensive for Travis Steele