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Someone Finally Asks Kaley Cuoco Directly To Her Face, "Who The FUCK Is Watching The Big Bang Theory?"

Poor Kaley Cuoco. Just wanted to make it in Hollywood. Get her name out there, maybe become a star. She goes out and lands a leading role on a primetime sitcom on one of the premier networks on broadcast television. And now she's got Ms. Pat sitting across from her in a cabin in the middle of the woods surrounded by other comedians grilling her about what the fuck that entire show was all about? How did this happen? Who is responsible for these crimes against humanity? 

And from the looks of this clip it appears Kaley just wants to melt into her seat and die. It's not her fault. Anyone on the planet would take that job and happily stack those checks. For as painfully unfunny as this show can be there are about a thousand worse shows on television right this second. It's fine. It's a show on TV - nothing more nothing less. I don't like The Big Bang Theory, in fact I don't know a single person who does, which I think is really what the question was about. Who was watching this to the point where it became as big as it became? How was it so lucrative the actors were racking up a million dollars every episode? It's responsible for a spinoff show and has TBS in some sort of headlock that demands they air its reruns around the clock. Clearly someone out there is a big fan for all this to be happening and I'm glad Ms. Pat ended this national charade and ask the tough question everyone else was afraid to ask.