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I wrote a passionate blog about Almond Joy this morning because I happen to enjoy them. Sue me.

And in it I included a picture of the original candy bowl that brings us here in the 1st place. I thought the visual would help people understand my predicament. 

What I didn't realize is that nearly every single person is out here trying to kill Almond Joy or Peppermint Patty. I understand the patty, but again. Almond Joy? Guys. Please stop killing Almond Joy.

Honestly guys I can't watch the punishment go on throughout the day so here's just a quick follow up plea blog asking you guys to be humane. Almond Joy deserves better than to be stuffed up someone's ass so it could be immediately shit back out. It deserves more than to be left on the sidelines while you gangbang the rest of that bowl. Almond Joy has been doing it too well for too long to get this kind of treatment. So for the 2nd time in as many blogs today, please be nice to Almond Joy. 

The fact Burrata Salad is getting more respect around Barstool Sports these days says a lot about where we're headed as a society.