There Is A Movie Being Made About The Insane Chippendales Murders

After years of development, the incredible American Dream gone wrong story behind the ’80s male strip club Chippendales, is getting closer to the big-screen treatment. Sources tell Deadline that Craig Gillespie is attached to direct the murder saga with Dev Patel attached to star. Insiders say several studios are pursuing the package with a decision expected shortly on where the film will end up

I cannot wait to see this movie for a couple for reasons. First off, Craig Gillespie (I Tonya, Lars and the Real Girl) is a solid director and I really enjoyed his last historical dramatization in 'I, Tonya'. Dev Patel is also a killer actor, no pun intended. Slumdog, Lion, Hotel Mumbai? The guy is great and I cannot wait to see 'The Green Knight'.

The bigger reason for my excitement is that this story is just fucking crazy. It will follow Somen Banerjee, who was an immigrant from India that went from operating a gas station to becoming the multimillionaire co-owner of the first major male strip club in America. His co-owner, Paul Snider, was a Canadian pimp whose wife, Playboy bunny Dorothy Stratten, designed the signature cuffs and collar look for the strippers.

For those of you that never saw 'Star 80', Stratten separated from Snider after having  an affair with director Peter Bogdanovich. Snider found out and murdered Stratten, sexually abuse her corpse, and then kill himself in one of the grizzliest, media-covered crime scenes ever. Bogdanovich went on to marry Stratten's sister, who he met when she was 13.  

Banjeree hired a hitman who murdered the Chippendale's choreographer, Nick De Noia. He then hired another hitman, this time to murder 3 ex-Chippendale's employees who were now part of his competition. This time, however, he was busted by the police and later plead guilty to attempted arson, racketeering, and murder for hire. Before he was sentenced, he hung himself in his cell. 

Fucking crazy story, right? I can't wait to see this put to screen by Patel and Gillespie, and now I need to go re-listen to Twisted History