Start Your Wednesday With The Seth Green Fight Scene From Entourage

I was mentally preparing myself for the Giants facing Chase Young and The Chasers for the first time this weekend which caused me to remember this classic scene. If there is any woman (real or fictional) in the history of the planet worth going to war for, it is Sloan McQuewick, who puts Helen of Troy in a proverbial bodybag in any and all comparisons. Say what you want about Entourage being a formulaic show where the good guys always end up on top no matter how close Vince is to leaving it all behind to go back to Queens, which it did EVERY SINGLE SEASON. But watching Special K cause the fellas stew to a slow boil with subtle potshots at the queen before Johnny Drama popped his lid out of the goddamn blue due to a classic mix up while Vince makes a Cam Newton Super Bowl business decision as the musical stylings of Jibbs played in the background makes me smile every single time I watch it.

Let's have ourselves a Wednesday!