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"When In Doubt, Sizzle It Out" featuring Uncle Scotty Gomez

Scotty Gomez, ladies and gentlemen. The definition of what it means to be an absolute beauty both on and off the ice. A Calder Trophy winner. A 2x Stanley Cup Champion. Then after winning 2 Cups he went on to win an ECHL MVP while he was still in the peak of his NHL career. Not quite as impressive as being a 2x ECHL All Star but still pretty decent. Played the game the right way, turned into a bit of a suitcase at the end of his career, and now Uncle Scotty is just living live in Alaska like the legend he is. 

But most importantly, he's giving us Story Time with Uncle Scotty. And in this story, we get some background on the Sizzle, aka PK Subban. 

Okay so first of all, what an all-time look for Scotty. Just as greasy as could be here and it suits him so well. That is what a two-time Stanley Cup Champion should look like, folks. The silk, the pipe, the whisky, the greasy stache, the leather folder, the everything. I know he's dressed up just for the video here but it wouldn't shock me to learn this was just a casual Tuesday night lounge for Scotty G. 

And as for the story itself--listen, you can say whatever you want about PK Subban but you can't deny the fact that he was one of the most electrifying players in hockey while he was in Montreal. He might not be for everybody but he didn't give a shit because he was going to do things his way. Because when it doubt, sizzle it out. 

Those 6 words explain so much of PK's career. And he's not wrong. We're all spinning around on this giant rock that we call Earth for so long and we only get one go at it. Eventually it all goes dark for us at some point and it's a wrap. So whether it's hockey or anything else in life, when it doubt you gotta just sizzle it out. Because if you don't sizzle out, you'll just fizzle out. 

Sidenote: I hate the Devils but I need PK to have a big year this season just so we can get some Sizzle It Out merch going.