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Mark Melancon Just Caught ANOTHER Ozzie Albies Home Run in the Bullpen

Now this is something I've truly never seen before. Mark Melancon not only caught a 9th inning Ozzie Albies home run in the bullpen once, but now in back-to-back games in this NLCS. This is some unbelievable stuff.

Last night, Melancon looked up from the bullpen mound and just stuck his glove up to catch Ozzie's homer that all but ended Game 1 in the Braves' favor.

And then tonight, with Ozzie back up at the plate in the 9th inning, he launched one to just about the exact same spot — Melancon had to run a couple steps for this one — and Mark was right there yet again to haul it in. Even better, Melancon has caught more Albies home runs in the last 24 hours (2) than he has allowed all season (1).

He was so calm and collected last night, but you could see how badly he wanted that second one. He was going to try to jump the wall into the batter's eye area if he had to, but he was catching that baseball.

The Atlanta Braves are undefeated in the Postseason when Mark Melancon catches an Ozzie Albies home run. They're also just ... undefeated in the Postseason.

2-0 Braves.