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Stevie Nicks Has Logged On To Join The Cranberry Dreams TikTok Challenge

Imagine trying to explain this video to someone just a month ago. Shit, imagine telling Stevie Nicks that she would be creating a TikTok to respond to some random dude skating down a freeway while sipping on some Cran Razz (with maybe a little something extra). I'm not sure how or why the people/machines running this simulation decided to mash together a Mad Libs of Fleetwood Mac, Ocean Spray, and @Doggface208 to be the one ray of sunshine that stops all of us from losing our fucking marbles. But goddamn am I happy they did it because it's WORKING.

I never thought I'd be watching Stevie Nicks lace up roller skates with bated breath to see if she took a stroll around her piano room before seeing her casually flex the pipes taking over the internet. I'm not even upset that Stevie left us with a skateless ending that would have Chekhov rolling over in his grave because all this video did was send me right back to the original video to pump my overworked and overworried mind with 1000 CCs of pure internet dopamine.

Now that the circle of meme has been completed, we can go back to our regularly scheduled lives, which more than likely kiiiiiinda suck right now.