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Of All The Insane Shit Rick Pitino Has Done, What Do You Think The Biggest Regret Is?

[Source] - "If it was in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina, I would not have taken the job. I live five miles away," Pitino said of the New Rochelle, New York, campus. "I'm not looking to move. I'm looking to build it into something special. My biggest regret wasn't leaving Kentucky. My biggest regret was leaving Providence. Iona reminds me so much of Providence. Small, Catholic school with a small, charming campus. It reminds me so much of what I had in '87. It allured me here."

I actually like Rick Pitino! I'm thrilled he's back in college hoops. You're talking about a guy who is one of the 5 greatest coaches in the history of the game coming back. That's legit awesome. But the man is delusional. You're biggest regret isn't leaving Providence. Just stop. Even people from Providence are reading this like, yeah, we don't believe you dude. Remember, this is the same guy who called Kentucky the Roman Empire of college basketball. 

But then you really remember Pitino's career. 

- Allegedly cumming down his leg in 15 seconds while cheating on his wife in a restaurant. 

- Running a program that used hookers for recruits

- Ruining the Celtics (Okay, that one was awesome)

- Leaving Kentucky for the Celtics with a loaded team

But nooo, leaving Providence is the biggest regret. Honestly, it's shit like this that makes me so happy he's back in college hoops. The man is going to deliver delusional quotes after delusional quotes. Throw in the fact he's at Iona, a mid-major that actually received an at-large bid, and we're going to get even more Pitino. Ricky P saying leaving Providence as his biggest regret is like me saying leaving a shitty sales job when I was 22 is my biggest career regret. Sure hate moving up in the world. 

Need every Pitino game on television. We can't let him at Iona fly under the radar. Give me every Pitino quote, give me every Pitino suit, give me Iona turning into JV Gonzaga. But a little bit of advice Rick, maybe just admit your biggest regret is taking down Louisville's championship banner leaving Kentucky when you were about to win 5 more titles.