VOTE In The Third Round Of The Best Horror Movie Bracket

There was a few upsets this round and a few matchups that were way closer than I imagined they would be. #7 'Get Out' not only beating #2 'Rosemary's Baby', but doing so with some cushion was a big shock. I love that movie, but I assumed Rosemary's baby was going to go the distance at LEAST into the elite eight. 'The Conjuring' beating 'Carrie' was also deeply shocking, and I think a victim of recency bias. 

In an inverse case of that, both Ari Aster movies losing pretty badly to the Romero classics was also a little surprising. Don't get me wrong, 'Night of the Living Dead' is iconic and 'Day of the Dead' is horrifyingly gory. That said, considering the amount of discourse around the other two movies and the average age of our readers, I thought there was a pair of upsets brewing. 

Anyway, there is some killer matchups in this round. Vote below or CLICK HERE.