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It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Colin Cowherd Unleashed A Terrible LeBron Take

God dammit. Why does this have to happen when it comes to LeBron? Why do people always have to take it waaaaaaaayyyyy too far? In some regards, I agree with what Colin was trying to say. LeBron is the very definition of franchise player. You bring him in, you're winning a title within the first few years. Those are just the facts. But this is where he loses me. When Colin starts to say that Jordan needed Pippen/Phil etc and all LeBron needed was a basketball is laugh out loud funny. He actually said "teammates don't matter". That he doesn't need "a Robin" to win. 

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Last time I checked Kyrie Irving is on his way to a Hall of Fame career. Dwyane Wade is one of the top 3 SGs of all time. Anthony Davis? Arguably the best big and basketball and another generational talent. The idea that LeBron could win a title with anyone as his #2 is simply not true. It's OK to say LeBron had help the same way Jordan had help with a Top 50 player all time in Scottie Pippen. When LeBron didn't have Anthony Davis and a bunch of random #2s, how did they do? Did they win a title? Were they one of the best teams in the West? He played 55 games, and when he came back from injury they still didn't win to close out the season.

It's possible to say that LeBron is both the greatest foundational player ever, but also that even he needed elite, top end talent as teammates to win a ring. That's basically the formula for every NBA title ever. Shit, Chris Bosh was no slouch either when they teamed up in MIA. He was in his prime, one of the best PFs in the league and was a walking 20/10. He was just the one that had to sacrifice. 

I will say it is true that LeBron doesn't "need" a system to win, but that's because he IS the system. I know Colin isn't insinuating that Jordan only won his titles in part because of the system he played in right? Even he can't be that stupid.

This is one of the downsides of the Lakers actually winning this thing. You get rants like that. Where all the sudden it's time to discredit the HOF talent that LeBron played with while he won his titles. It's not a knock on him to say he had great teammates the years he won. It doesn't take away from his greatness. But let's not pretend this is something that it's not and revise history.