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Jocky Geena Vs. Bad Ash Is A Great Way To Welcome Rough N' Rowdy Back

Not sure if you heard, but Rough n Rowdy is back.

October 23rd. A little election theme'd competition, but the fight that caught my eye? Just a classic Rough n Rowdy fight.

Jocky Geena:

vs. Bad Ash:

Two great names.

Nothing against Bad Ash, but I have a feeling Jocky Geena? She could become a fan favorite. Just look at the IG comments on this post:

The internet is full of freaks and some dudes are just gonna be into Jocky Geena thanks to this video. The way she whips that jockey crop? "I will completely control you and manipulate you in every single way." I'm not here to kink shame, but that's music to certain guy's ears. 

Also, Big Dave Rossi? I got the @:

October 23rd: